Investing in missing middle entrepreneurs

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Where others see challenges, Mango Fund sees opportunities



Due to the low cost of labor and the young and relatively well-educated workforce, East Africa has good prospects to develop a strong manufacturing sector for regional, and eventually international production.




Adding value to agricultural commodities is a promising, straight forward way of keeping more value for goods within agriculture-based economies, such as those found in East Africa. The best way to deal with abundance

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Technical farming

Many farmers in emerging economies struggle on the edge of survival due to small-scale production and lack of adequate machinery and equipment. Mango Fund helps the industrialization

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Medical Services

The state of healthcare in East Africa is abysmal. Local hospitals, who are supposed to provide care free of charge, in fact charge large fees for treatment. Not only do they charge fees,



We are getting behind local entrepreneurs

Mango Fund is an impact investment fund that seeks to encourage economic development in emerging economies by getting behind local entrepreneurs - especially those that are performing value addition activities within their countries. We seek to support the “missing middle” – entrepreneurs that are too big for micro-finance institutions, but too small to access loans from the banking sector.



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