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Investment Criteria
Mango Fund promotes economic development in emerging economies by providing financial and business consulting services to experienced and growth-oriented entrepreneurs. Mango Fund provides investments, in the form of loans and equity, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to strong businesses which fulfill our three investment criteria:

  • Perform value addition activities mainly in manufacturing, agro-processing, and technical farming, but other sectors are welcome to apply.
  • Engage with technology to provide skilled employment – we like social impact, especially job creation.
  • Have operated for at least 12 months with positive cash flows – we only work with entrepreneurs who have proven they can operate a business. 

Ready to get started?
If you fulfill our investment criteria, we invite you to share your financial needs and growth plan with us. To facilitate the process, we have prepared the Loan Information Form, which helps us to understand your business.  Feel free to download the form and email it to We will get back to you shortly.

Download Loan Information Form in *.docx

Download Loan Information Form in *.pdf

Other business loans opportunities in East Africa

If your business does not fit our criteria – don’t worry. There are plenty of other financing opportunities! Here you can find more information on business loans opportunities in East Africa. 

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