New investments in April: Family Diet and second facility for Teefe Plastics

This month we invested in two companies: Family Diet, a grain processing business new to our portfolio, and Teefe Plastics, a plastic recycling company which got already its second loan with Mango Fund.

Family Diet's rice and soya-based products.

Family Diet Ltd. is a grain processing business established in 2002 run by Isa Wamala. The business primarily process soy based products in 7 varieties and its supplies to over 100 outlets in Kampala and other districts. Moreover, the company also supplies soy-based animal feed.  Mango Fund financed a purchase of 2 machines to expand the production capacity of the business.

Teefe Plastics Ltd. was established in 2009 by Christine and Robert Mawanda. Mango Fund gave them their first loan in 2012 to cover the purchase a second recycling machine to boost their production capacity.  Now Christine and Robert came back to Mango Fund to finance another recycling machine.

New businesses in our portfolio: K-Roma and Kabela Investments

We are happy to announce two new businesses in our portfolio: K-Roma, the largest local wine producer in Uganda, and Kabela Investments specializing in land tillage and crop farming. 

Bella Wine, K-Roma’s major brand. 

K-Roma, operating since 2002, is the largest local 100% organic wine producer in Uganda. Their high-quality products are made from tropical fruits, grapes, and hibiscus. K-Roma’s major brand, Bella Wine, is sold in nearly every supermarket in Uganda and it is also exported to Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. With Mango Fund K-Roma plans to expands its production capacity. 

Kabela Investments Ltd.  is a farming business that specializes in land tillage and crop farming in Northern Uganda. Mango Fund is financing a purchase of a new tractor to expand Kabela Investments’ ability to deliver high-quality tillage services.