KOICA - Mango Fund Portfolio

Roney General Limited, Kampala

Roney General Limited ("Roney") is a medium sized spice manufacturing company located in the outskirts of Kampala. The company is the leading Ugandan spice manufacturing company and focuses on making highly affordable products. The entrepreneurs currently operate the business out of the family’s compound and are in the process of building a new large scale factory. Due to company's long history of providing high quality spices at an affordable price, some of its products have become household names in Uganda. 

In February 2016, Mango Fund granted them a loan facility to purchase a large scale automated spice packaging machine. This new machine operates twice as fast as their current eight machines, it has four times the capacity, and it uses one fourth of the electric power.


SASA Trading Company Limited, Kampala

Sasa Trading Company Limited ("SASA") is a manufacturing company engaged in the manufacturing of weighing scale stones, rubber washers, cast iron products and aluminum materials for air conditioning and kitchenware materials. The company is also heavily involved in the recycling of plastic to make pellets and granules. The Company is owned by two Entrepreneurs - Singa Ampurire and his wife Ariso Sarah.

In July 2016, Mango Fund  granted SASA a loan facility to purchase an HDPE pipe line machine that transforms plastic granules into HDPE pipes further moving SASA up the value chain. 

Yahabuke Enterprises Ltd, Kasese

Yahabuke  was established in 2007 by Bukenya Yahaya. It is a large-scale cereals milling business. The company supplies maize flour to schools and institutions across western Uganda.
Yahabuke is growing and a key challenge is reaching their expanding clientele. The business was hiring trucks both to bring raw materials to their factory and to distribute the processed maize flour to their clients. This effort was proving to be both time-consuming and expensive. 
In March 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided Yahabuke with an asset financing loan facility to buy a 10-ton truck.

Rwenzori Best Loaf Ltd, Bwera

Rwenzori Best Loaf was established in 1989 by Bwambale Ibrahim. Rwenzori Best Loaf is a bakery. The company bakes and sells bread, cakes, and doughnuts throughout western Uganda and parts of the DRC Congo.

Rwenzori Best Loaf is an established bakery that has grown organically throughout western Uganda and DRC Congo. To produce its baked goods, the business spends a lot on cooking oil as a raw material. The local region has a lot of palm oil and Rwenzori Best Loaf wanted to integrate palm oil production into its operations.

In March 2015, KOICA – Mango Fund provided Rwenzori Best Loaf an asset financing loan facility to buy a vegetable oil processing machine.

Kabela Investments, Amuru 

Kabela Investments was established in 2011 by Bernard Obwoyo. Kabela is a land tillage and crop farming company. The company tills land to prepare it for local farmers.

Kabela currently owns a 60HP tractor and wants to build its fleet with the purchase of a 92HP tractor. The key to this business is to keep the tractors working. In the off-season, Kabela has 1,000 acres of its own land for soy and rice.

In March 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided Kabela with an asset financing loan facility to buy the 92HP tractor.

Teefe Plastics Ltd, Kampala

Teefe Plastics  was established in 2009 by Robert & Christine Mawanda. Teefe Plastics buys plastic waste from garbage collectors across Kampala and turns it into reusable plastic pellets and other products.

This is the third loan from Mango Fund to Teefe Plastics. Teefe Plastics wanted to acquire another improved recycling machine. They identified a more efficient technology that allows increased daily production while reducing power costs.

In March 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided Teefe with an asset financing loan facility to buy the new recycling machine. 

K-Roma Ltd, Kampala

K-Roma  was established in 2002 by Prudence Ukkonika. K-Roma is the largest 100% organic wine producer and distributor in Uganda. The company manufactures wine and juice from local tropical fruits and sells its goods throughout East Africa.

K-Roma is in a rapid growth phase. Beyond needing working capital, K-Roma wanted to purchase a replacement “bottle filler” machine. This machine will serve as a backup during periods of breakage or routine maintenance.

In April 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided K-Roma with an asset financing loan facility to buy an additional bottle filling machine.

Kyogo Mazinga Trading Co Ltd, Kampala

Kyogo Mazinga  was established in 2010 by Joshua and Sharon Sabiiti. Kyogo Mazinga is the only stone cutter in Uganda that processes raw rock into quality, custom stone veneers (thin stone tiles) with custom cuts and finishing. The company is one of the leading stone-cutters in the East African region, often called to consult on very large commercial projects due to their expertise in the craft.

Kyogo Mazinga needed an additional burner cutter machine to increase production capacity.

In September 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided Kyogo Mazinga with an asset financing loan facility to buy the cutter machine.

Quality Fresh Milk Dairy, Masindi

Quality Milk was established in 2000 by Businge Swalleh. Quality Milk is a large milk processing business. The company buys milk directly from farmers in the region, cools and filters the milk at the facility in Masindi. The company then delivers the milk to wholesale selling outlets in Mukono, Lira, Nakaseke, and Kampala.

Quality Milk wanted to purchase a cold storage truck to enhance quality and distribution.

In December 2015, the KOICA – Mango Fund provided Quality Milk with an asset financing loan facility to buy the cold storage truck.


Hakitenge Bundibugyo Cocoa Farmers, Bundibugyo

Hakitenge Bundibugyo Cocoa Farmers Association ("Hakitenge") was started in 2008 as a Community Based Organization. The organization deals in the production and processing of cocoa from its members other farmers within the rural community of Bundibugyo District. The Association adds value to the cocoa by providing cocoa drying, bulking and marketing services to its members. The architects behind the formation of this Association are Mr. Agaba and Mr. Kasereka. Once the cocoa is dried, sorted and bulked, it is usually purchased by international cocoa traders in Kampala. 

In May 2016, Mango Fund granted Hakitenge a loan to purchase a truck that would help them to transport their cocoa from the association stores in Bundibugyo to the various large scale traders in Kampala. 

Jaga Wine, Apac

Jaga Wine is a wine producing company located in Apac district in Northern Uganda. The company deals in the production and marketing of local fruit wine produced mostly from oranges. The company employs mostly women who are the most vulnerable in the District of Apac. The Entrepreneur, Mr. Jawaso Alfred, and his wife have been directly involved in wine brewing for 19 years. The company is the only wine manufacturer in Northern Uganda with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) accreditation and currently has 32 outlets throughout the Northern Uganda region. 

In March 2016, Mango Fund granted Jaga Wine a loan facility to purchase a wine filtering and a capping machine. The wine filtering machine was required to help the company eliminate residues that had hindered growth in sales while the bottle capping machine was needed to reduce spoilage and labor costs.

Kayebe Sauce Packers Limited, Kampala

Kayebe Sauce Packers Ltd ("Kayebe") is a grain processing business established in 1984. The core focus of the company is the production of soya based products and the processing of baby porridge (a mix of soy, maize and ground fish). They sell 11 other products containing ground soya, millet, maize, rice, and fish. The company has 3 Directors, one of them, Deo Ssemogerere acting as the Managing Director.

In April 2016, Mango Fund granted a loan to Kayebe to enable the company to purchase the necessary equipment and machine parts to fix its existing machines and improve productivity.

Gulu Imaging, Gulu Town

Operating since 2011, Gulu Imaging is the leading imaging center in Gulu town. The company offers X-Ray, ultrasound and consultation services to patients in Northern Uganda. The supply of X-Ray machines in the region is extremely limited. The public hospital of Gulu has only one machine which is overused and often broken. As the only certified radiologist in the region, the owner of the business also gets all the cases that the regular doctors can’t interpret. In 2015, the company served close to 7,000 patients through either X-Ray or Ultrasound. The company currently has one X-Ray machine, one ultrasound machine and one chemistry kit.

In July 2016, Mango Fund granted Gulu Imaging a loan to acquire a new X-Ray machine.